Pinterest opens up developer sandbox for new apps and integrations

Pinterest opens up developer sandbox for new apps and integrations

Pinterest announced it has opened its developer sandbox, offering access to the company’s APIs for building new apps and third-party integrations.

As a followup to the Pinterest Developers Platform debut earlier this year, the sandbox offers a suite of endpoints for building apps and integrations that enhance Pins and help people do more with them. Such endpoints help drive traffic to your site, provide users with personalized recommendations and more.

Previously, developers needed to get access by Pinterest to start building with APIs. Now, anyone can start building Pinterest apps and integrations — they just need Pinterest approval to go public, according to a blog post.


Since May, developers have submitted more than 5,000 ideas for apps and integrations, including recipe recommendations apps, travel planning apps, gift registry integrations, publisher integrations and more.

Over the past few months, Pinterest has been working with developers like IFTTT, Polyvore and Topshop to launch the first Pinterest integrations.

The results look promising. Polyvore says it has increased traffic from Pinterest by 35 percent, while the number of Pins saved from the company has jumped tenfold. The number of Pins being saved from IFTTT has grown 33 percent week over week, the company reports.

The process of creating and configuring an app is straightforward. After reading and agreeing to Pinterest’s terms and policies, developers can add testers and collaborators to help them build the app.

The API is designed to be easy to use, especially alongside a client SDK (Android, iOS or Javascript). Here’s a full list of what you can do.

Before diving in and building your own app, Pinterest lets you view a sample app— and even peek at the source code. It uses the Pinterest Javascript SDK (PDK), which makes interacting with the API more intuitive.

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