Applause’s new App Automation wants to make testing apps quicker and easier

Applause’s new App Automation wants to make testing apps quicker and easier

Applause is making aiming to automated testing easier, whether it’s for a single app or a suite of services.

With its new App Automation product, Applause customers can quickly test their apps with custom scripts and object layers written by Applause engineers specifically for an app. Customers can also test apps using Applause’s framework, which supports Web, iOS, and Android.

App Automation isn’t meant to sidestep human testing. Applause tells us automated testing is geared toward ‘smoke testing’ scenarios, where specific use cases or features can be tested quickly and reliably.

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If an app were updated to support the latest version of Android, automated testing could be used on standard in-app features to ensure they were in good working condition ahead of launch.

Applause isn’t moving away from manual testing; it employs over 175,000 testers across the globe to run apps through more acute testing and find bugs a script might not. Applause says it’s better to consider App Automation as a quick means to test features during the process of updating an app.

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As Applause doesn’t need access to the source code of an app, any language or app (Web or native) can be supported. Objects are defined within scripts, and abstracted within the framework. Even Apple’s newest language, Swift, is ready for testing via automation. App Automation is also reliable through changes in programming languages.

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