This mom will review your website for $75

This mom will review your website for $75

We can sometimes wrongly convince ourselves that user can easily navigate through our website. Or even worse, we stay on the Web so much that we know exactly how things work all the time, but those who barely go online may not be so accustomed.

Most Web designers and developers do user testing on their sites and applications to make sure the majority of users can use them without issue, as it’s important to make sure your website works and makes sense to all types of users who visit your site.

How many Web devs actually test websites with their mom? If you don’t have your mom close-by to observe how they navigate your site, this may be the next best thing.

The guy behind The User Is My Mom will have his mom review your website for $75.

Dear internet:

My mom is tired of your shit.

She can’t understand your website and it isn’t her fault.

It’s time we talked.

Seen on Product Hunt, he will have his mom review your site while he does a screencast of it. He will also type up a nice document for you to summarize all the things his mom had issues with.

If you think this sounds familiar, you’re right. The guy behind The User Is My Mom is also the same guy behind The User Is Drunk, made popular earlier this year, where he will review your website while he is drunk and screencasts the entire thing.

Wondering how well his mom does? There is a sample of what your $75 will get you, as he has her review (below). He does walk her through the process of signing up (which is something Twitter might want to watch), so that takes away the whole “user by themselves” aspect. But it’s interesting nonetheless.


I think her thoughts about a site will probably be more informative than her actually navigating it, but if you are interested in hearing someone else’s take, shelling out $75 for a screencast may be just the thing.

Now I’m just waiting for ‘The User is My Drunk Mom’ to come out.

➤ The User Is My Mom

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