Airstoc is a new marketplace for drone-shot stock aerial footage


While drones make it easy for filmmakers to capture aerial shots, a new startup is taking things one step further. Airstoc exclusively sells drone-shot aerial footage via its online marketplace, and also connects customers to drone operators around the world for bespoke projects.

Airstoc has over 3,500 royalty-managed aerial clips for sale, shot by professional drone operators worldwide. Airstoc’s library features shots ranging from New York’s skyline to the Horseshoe Bend in Arizona to BMX cyclists in Sheffield, and is set to soon expand to 8,000 clips with its next batch of footage.

At present, Airstoc footage is priced by resolution, with HD shots at $378 (£250), 4K at $530 (£350) and 5K at $756 (£500) per royalty-managed clip, which can be used worldwide on a single project.

For custom shots, the company can put you in touch with a professional drone operator anywhere in the world, with daily rates varying from £1,500 to £5,000, depending on the brief, camera required, and location.

While Airstoc’s offering is fairly basic at present, the company plans to introduce new features on its site, a better pricing structure and drone-captured stock photographs this year.


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