Intel introduces wearables module for third-party developers

Intel introduces wearables module for third-party developers

CES is full of things you slap onto your wrist or shove on your face. Intel being Intel, the company sees the rise of wearables as its opportunity to get Intel Inside (dun den dun dan – Intel chimes).

The new Intel Curie is a tiny piece of hardware that that’s based on the company’s 32-bit Quark SE SoC (System on Chip). The low-power, BLE -enabled module has a six-axis motion sensor, will do computations, has battery charging capabilities and runs on the open source RTOS.

The module is the size of a button and can be used my hardware developers hoping to get into the wearables market without having to worry about reinventing the motion racking and Bluetooth wheel.

Intel has already partnered with other companies for the wearables market, including fitness tracker earbuds from SMS Audio.

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