Redecorating? Choose from up to 50 million Flickr Creative Commons photos for your walls

Redecorating? Choose from up to 50 million Flickr Creative Commons photos for your walls

If you’re really intent on taking those push-pinned (or even framed museum) posters off the wall and replacing them with something more original, Flickr is here to help — yet again.

Last month, Flickr unveiled its Wall Art marketplace to help turn your personal photostream into gallery prints suitable for decorating the old homestead. However, should you still have empty walls to cover — or remain in a snit of indecision — Flickr is offering additional assistance in the form of about 50 million new images to choose from.

Today, in addition to your own photos, you can select among more than 50 million curated photos from Flickr’s Creative Commons images and licensed artists.


The Flickr team has hand-picked a selection of these Flickr-licensed photographs from the Flickr Marketplace in a number of wall-worthy categories — abstract, landscapes, travel, animals, and more — that anyone can browse and buy.

Once you’ve settled on what you want (easier said than done), select a photo, click the Wall Art icon, and order in sizes of 8×10 up 20×30 inches.

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center|Puffing Sun Gives Birth To Reluctant Eruption

The pictures are available in two modes: Premium photo mounts are printed with professional grade paper and mounted with one-inch, wood-textured edges. There is also a gallery canvas wrap, which is artist-grade canvas stretched across a traditional 1.25-inch wood frame.

Prices vary, but for example, a 20×30-inch print on canvas costs $149, while the analogous photo mount costs $179. Flickr is currently offering a 50 percent discount from now until December 23. Wall art services are available in the US and internationally.

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