23 of the most beautiful typefaces from September 2014

23 of the most beautiful typefaces from September 2014

Sean Mitchell is an interactive designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the editor of Type Release.

Time to count down another month of beautiful typefaces. What do you think of our picks from September?

Lián Types: Selfie


Selfie is a connected sans based on vintage signage scripts.

Angie Makes: Hollyhock


Hollyhock is a modern and messy calligraphy font with wild, tall letterforms that refuse to be tamed.

Brittney Murphy: Jasmine


Jasmine a flowing script font that works well for text, headlines or quotes.

Stone Type Foundry: Magma


Magma is a rare sans serif typeface family designed explicitly for use in both text and display applications.

Fort Foundry: Factoria


Factoria is a hardworking, geometric, square slab family.

TDF: Hardy


A display typeface whose circular cuts replace each angled intersection.

Hoftype: Orgon Slab


Orgon Slab complements the Orgon family with its clear, unexcited appearance.

Typetanic: Gibbs


Gibbs is a tough, sophisticated sans that is both stylish and comfortable to read.

Latinotype: Uomo


Uomo is a contemporary typographic system that explores geometric style and Italian art deco.

Ahmet Altun: Harman


Harman includes seven fonts and their inline forms.

Editions 205: Plaak


Inspired by the characters on french street plates.

Andinistas: Bemol


Bemol features craftsman style, worn edges and highly spontaneous look.

Storm: Pepone


Pepone is a contemporary, discreet book serif.

Binnenland: Korpus Grotesk


Korpus Grotesk imitates the technical characteristics of phototypesetting.

S-Core: Core Escher


Core Escher is an optical illusion type family inspired by the works of M.C. Escher.

Nils Types: Conto


Conto is a clear and reduced sans serif typeface in eight weights.

Resistenza: Nautica


Nautica is a script typeface inspired by brush pen strokes.

Fontfabric: Nexa Rust


Nexa Rust is a multifaceted font system with a warm, rough look.

Storm: St. Croce


St. Croce is based on worn out lettering on tombstones in the St. Croce Basilica in Florence.

Corradine Fonts: Whisky


Whisky is a blackletter font family with a casual touch.

Latinotype: Estandar Rounded


Estandar Rounded is a retro and vintage wayfinding sans serif.

The Northern Block: Schar


Schar is a humanist sans designed like a serif with high stroke contrast, but without serifs.

PintassilgoPrints: Marker Aid


Marker Aid was drawn with a dry chisel felt tip marker, resulting in two striking, detail rich fonts.

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