This Photoshop plugin lets you create icon collections to drag and drop into your PSDs

This Photoshop plugin lets you create icon collections to drag and drop into your PSDs

Pixel Dropr is a Photoshop plugin created by UI Parade which allows designers to create collections of icons, illustrations, photos, buttons and other elements that can be draged and dropped to any PSD file.

The concept behind the Pixel Dropr panel is simple: certain elements — particularly UI elements, like buttons — are often used across documents, and used multiple times in each. In cases like these, having a quick way to group, reuse and share designs can be quite helpful.

The extension’s layout is rather straightforward, too: it features a navigation bar that let you do things like import and export sets; below that, each item is laid out in a grid with a small preview of the design. You can only load in two sets at a time, but you’re able to export and import sets as needed.

See the extension in action via the promo video below:

Because Pixel Dropr starts at $19, it’s definitely not for everyone. If you’re a casual Photoshop user, or don’t ever do layout work, you may be best without it. But if you’re a full time designer and often have to keep track of (and share) various assets, Pixel Dropr may be worth the investment as an efficiency boost.

The Refill Store

Built into the extension is a link to the Refill Store, which offers a handful of free and paid icon/illustration sets. If the plugin gains ground, it’s not hard to imagine a marketplace of  “refills” emerging. In the event you’re not interested in creating and storing your own sets, you can also download a free read-only version: Refill Readr.

Give the extension a look and let us know what you think!

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