Evernote adds iOS SDK support for Business and Yinxiang Biji services

Evernote adds iOS SDK support for Business and Yinxiang Biji services

Evernote has issued a major update to its SDK for iOS, adding built-in support for its new Business service and its separate Chinese Yinxiang Biji platform. The company has also made significant improvements to its Android SDK and plans to add the aforementioned features in an upcoming release.

The company’s memory-enhancing platform has roughly 20,000 developers, and the addition of the separate premium Business platform and a newly launched Yinxiang Biji Trunk app store should give them plenty to work with to build their user bases.

Wednesday’s changes to the iOS SDK include several developer-centric tweaks, such as new utility classes and bug fixes. Evernote also hinted at its roadmap for the SDK, noting that it eventually add ARC support and an improved OAuth experience.

The Android SDK release is also significant, though it has yet to receive support for Yinxiang Biji and Evernote Business. The company did say that connections to those two services will come in “the next major SDK update”. In the meantime, changes include interface tweaks and code rewrites, among others. Looking ahead, Evernote plans to add helper methods and easier to use data model objects.

Evernote says it is growing quite quickly as a company – it’s among the fastest in the world in terms of organic growth – and it has brought on a full-time lead for its iOS and Ruby SDKs, as well as a full-time manager for Evernote Trunk, to keep up the pace.

Having recently completed an $85 million funding round in November, Evernote’s well set up to invest in resources for its developers. With new staff and new segments of the markets, or new markets entirely, it doesn’t look like we’ll be forgetting about Evernote any time soon.

Image credit: TIM BRAKEMEIER / AFP / Getty Images

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