adds private messaging API with support for chatrooms, group texting and more adds private messaging API with support for chatrooms, group texting and more

The realtime web communication platform has launched its latest addition to the developer API: a private messaging API. The new API has a host of features including both chatroom and IM-style messaging, group texting and more.

The API is available to all developers now, and ADN has ginned up an example client called Omega that you can try out here if you’re a member. The source code to Omega is available on a BSD license on Github, so that developers can use it to see how the system works in action.

TNW had a chance to touch bases with founder Dalton Caldwell about the state of the service so far.

TNW: How is ADN faring so far?

Caldwell: Given that the project was announced exactly 5 months ago (July 13), and that the backing period ended exactly 4 months ago (August 13), the amount of progress that has been made across the board in that timeframe is fantastic. That being said, we obviously have a lot more work to do. As stated from day 1, our business model approach was intended to put us in a financial position to be in it for the long-haul.

TNW: How is the developer rewards system, which doles out money to the developers of the most used and most loved ADN apps, going so far?

Caldwell: We paid out for October, and just collected results for November. I wanted to see about 3 months of data to get feedback and see if there were ways to tweak it. So far the feedback has been positive, and because it is based on user ratings rather than “just showing up” it seems to not have the negative unintended consequences that I and others were concerned about.

TNW: When is the new Private Messaging API going live?

Caldwell: It’s launching to everyone at the same time. One of the reasons we are open sourcing Omega is so that it’s easier for devs to see a fully working app that uses the messages API right out of the gate. recently added new pricing options including a $5 per month plan and a reduced yearly membership at $36 per year. A recent growth spurt surrounding the release of the Netbot client demonstrated that getting additional features and slick apps that implement them is a key part of building a communication platform like this one. We’re also on ADN, so you can follow us there.

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