This is where Arduinos are born

This is where Arduinos are born

Arduino, the open source microcontroller known for its use in hardware hacking projects, released the low-cost Arudino Leonardo earlier this year. Since then, Andrew (bunnie) Huang visited System Electronica, the PCB factory which makes Arduino PCBs, and the results of his tour are simply awesome.

Starting with massive sheets of virgin copper and ending with completed boards ready to be stuffed, if you’ve ever wondered what small-scale modern manufacturing looks like, this is how it happens.

If you’re in the mood for geeking out, you’ll want to block out a bit of time to look through everything.

See the entire tour with tons of photos and videos via the link below. For more, Check out TNW’s Design & Dev channel.

➤ Where Arduinos are Born

Source: NOTCOT

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