Adobe Lightroom meets Instagram with this awesome $5 preset pack

Adobe Lightroom meets Instagram with this awesome $5 preset pack

Ah, filters. Though they may be a bit over applied these days, that lofty vintage photo look has been hip for years (see Lomography) and is now peaking with the rapid growth of Instagram. Because of this, there have been countless presets, Photoshop actions and guides floating around the Web non-stop, but for whatever reason, I have never seen a set that actually recreates Instagram’s secret sauce.

Now, Casey of Casey Mac Photo has reverse engineered all 17 of Instagram’s original filters and is selling the whole pack for $5. As you can see below, Casey has gotten remarkably close to the results we’ve all come to know and love:

From Casey Mac Photo (Casey wrote the text below):

It seems like everyone from your friends to climbers at Everest base camp are using the popular social photo sharing app, Instagram, to edit and share their photos. Instagram’s recent move of going from an iPhone-only based app to now being available for Android has nearly doubled the user-base, and now Facebook has just purchased the app, guaranteeing even more popularity. I’ve been asked often by clients if I can edit their photos “like Instagram”. Well, now you can do it yourself.

For this purpose, I’ve created Lightroom presets for all 17 of Instragram’s filters for easy editing of your photos in Adobe’s Lightroom application. Simply install the preset, and with one click your photos can look like you applied your favorite Instagram filter on your phone. At just $5, these filters are well-priced and cost no more than a latte or an app on your phone. Any money that I make from these sales will fund my travels to photograph beautiful places around the world.

With a low price and accurate results, this pack is definitely worth a look for Lightroom users. Hopefully, Casey will additionally offer Photoshop actions as well if demand grows.

➤ Adobe Lightroom Instagram Preset, $5 pack

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