Amazing video drawing experiments by “Kynd” use openFrameworks to create art

Amazing video drawing experiments by “Kynd” use openFrameworks to create art

Though the “art world” can sometimes be an exclusive, snobby mess, at its best it is all about real creativity, talent and humanity. That, met with the passions of a geek, leads to amazing things.

We’ve given attention in the past to programmers and designers experimenting with code as art, and the latest on my radar is Kynd, who taps creative coding framework openFrameworks with impressive results.

Look below for Kynd’s latest works. We’ve included a few older pieces at the end as well.

Creative Applications Network, on Kynd’s latest works:

Latest set of “drawing” experiments by Kynd continue to impress. We already wrote about Kynd’s work some months ago where he used openFrameworks to create pencil-like drawings of photographs. This new set, once again using openFrameworks includes sand drawings, pink bacteria dance and a quick study on watercolor-like texture. Whereas realism/replica may be the starting point for many of Kynd’s pieces, I particularly enjoy when they begin to develop a life of their own – especially the case of pink bacteria (reaction–diffusion?) and sand.

For more, take a look at the Kynd’s blog and vimeo, though it’s noteworthy that he’s a bit secretive. You can also find tons of other great projects utilizing openFrameworks, an open-source C++ toolkit for creative coding, in the official gallery.

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