Twitter launches “Frequently Asked Questions” for developer community

Twitter launches “Frequently Asked Questions” for developer community

Developers are the lifeblood of Twitter’s growth, as the apps that use data found on the microblogging site have helped propel its growth. There are a lot of moving parts though to deal with when it comes to Twitter’s API, so the team keeps in constant contact with the community.

The team announced some changes to its developer section today, mostly around surfacing frequently asked questions that the community has:

Discussions on are a key place for our developer community to work together and chat about the Twitter Platform and products. Today, we’re introducing new features to surface the most Frequently Asked Questions, providing instant and easy access to the information that matters most to you.

For starters, we curated and organized Frequently Asked Questions by category, answering all of them on one canonical page:

The frequently asked questions page will be kept up to date with the hottest topics complete with the full answers to help developers:

Additionally, the frequently asked questions will now be pulled into the developer discussions area, so that when you’re searching for something specifically, questions about that similar topic will pop up contextually. It might save you the time of typing your question out, since it might already have been answered:

Taking care of its developers is definitely a strong suit of Twitter, and with updates for informational tools like these, it saves time for both the company and the developer community.

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