Check out IE’s guide to building cross-browser games with HTML5

Check out IE’s guide to building cross-browser games with HTML5

Internet Explorer hasn’t had the best reputation over the past few years, and for good reason. No standards support, instability, security holes; the list goes on and on. And out of all the trash talking that the blue E has received, it’s likely that the strongest words have come from developers.

But now, it appears IE9 has turned over an entirely new leaf, particularly with its wide-ranging support for open standards.

With these new initiatives, the IE team reaching out to developers more than ever before, and one of the ways it’s doing this is through new guides that provide an inside look at developing with new, open technologies.

Build New Games is one project from the team that really catches my eye — both from the clean, vibrant site design and the useful tutorials it provides.

The mission of Build New Games is to help game developers and web developers learn techniques for building cross browser and cross device Open Web games. The guide includes tons of in-depth tutorials, and is edited and operated by Bocoup. You can learn more about the authors here.

You’ll encounter a wide range of topics on the site including pieces like: Mobile Game PrimerGlobal Composite Operations and Taming the SVG Beast.

On top of this guide, the team has created a number of HTML5 projects to date, including Cut the RopeHunger Games Capitol TourJasmine Villegas and the new Bored to Death. What makes this particularly noteworthy, though, are the included “behind the scenes” videos that reveal the tech and code behind each project (view one example below).

It’s particularly exciting to see IE embracing open standards, and it’s a great time for devs to start experimenting. Check out Build New Games via the link below to start learning:

➤  Build New Games

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