Download 3 free fonts from the ridiculously talented House Industries

Download 3 free fonts from the ridiculously talented House Industries

I’ve been huge fans of House Industries for a while now, and the team continues to churn out gorgeous display fonts that blow my mind. From wilder, curvaceous typefaces like Smidgen to the more flexible, modern Neutraface. Just taking a look at HI’s catalog is all you need to see just how talented the designers there are.

As you might have noticed, the fonts for sale by this foundry are priced fairly, but still rather high for designers and students just starting out. So, to give you a little taste of what the team has to offer, House Industries is giving away 3 fonts: House Slant, United Stencil and Spaceage Round. All are excellent in their own right, and are definitely worth a peak for any type obsessed designer (aka all of us).

House Slant

House Slant is a clean brush-styled typeface. It has a distinct, sign painter feel and a classic touch.

United Stencil

United Stencil is just like your traditional stencil font, but is more elegant than you’d expect. It doesn’t have the cheesy, rip-off look that a lot of stencil typefaces look when they’re not actually stenciled with paint.

Spaceage Round

Spaceage Round has the precision of an expert type designer with the playfulness of an 80’s arcade game logo. Calling it quirky is an understatement.

Like we’ve written before, it takes a special breed of designer to create a typeface. To the untrained eye, the creation process may not seem too difficult, but once you realize the complexities hidden within the details, type design becomes a daunting process. This is exactly why the level of perfection House Industries is able to achieve is quite extraordinary.

If you’re interested in taking the leap from typographer (someone who works with type) to type designer (someone who creates type), you might want to a peek at our review of Glyphs and Glyphs Mini for the Mac.

➤  Download Slant, United Stencil & Spaceage Round, for free

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