MockVault makes it easy for designers to archive & share mockups with clients

MockVault makes it easy for designers to archive & share mockups with clients

The effort designers go through to create the perfect site in Photoshop / Fireworks / Pixelmator is tough enough. If the entire process is a breeze for you, you probably aren’t doing your job.

Then, when the time comes to finally send mockups to your client, there’s traditionally no way of knowing if your client is viewing your work properly. Put simply, you need to take control of your presentation, or else you risk looking bad and/or wasting time developing something your client doesn’t want.

We covered Influence ($19/month), a fresh look at getting feedback from clients and members of your team. We followed up with (free), a simpler tool (similar to bounce app) for sharing designs in the browser with notes and comments.

Now, we’ve found a third solution, MockVault ($12+/month), which makes it surprisingly easy to iterate and get mockups approved by clients, all while archiving your own work.

The creator of MockVault, Ben Ho, answered a couple of TNW’s questions to help you get a better idea of what the app’s all about.

HW: How do you think MockVault fits into the workflow of a freelance designer?

BH: Designers usually spend hours, if not days, creating their designs. But when the time comes to present it to their clients, they don’t often present it in the right format. Depending on the format the design was sent, the design may be scaled on the client’s computer. This may lead to miscommunication and loss of time when the site is finally coded. As a freelance designer, losing time or reputation affects the bottom line.

Just like using the right tool to create a design, having a proper tool to present designs to clients is imperative as well but often overlooked. With MockVault, it completes the workflow of a freelance designer by closing the gap between finishing the design and getting the client’s approval.

HW: Can MockVault work as a project archive as well?

BH: MockVault is a central location where designs can be stored and retrieved at anytime. Not only can users browse back to a history of projects like an online gallery, they can also search for past projects by using the search field. Users can also check past history of comments right beside the mockups, giving them better context than email.

Take a peek at MockVault via the link below and see if it feels right for you. It’s a unique, professional tool for turning your .JPGs into an actual presentation. Plus, it dully functions as a searchable archive of your past work.

We have three 1 year MockVault Heavy Plans (worth $200/year each) to give away to our readers, so leave a note in the comments below if you want one!

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