Skala Preview lets you see your iOS designs instantly on your iPhone or iPad

Skala Preview lets you see your iOS designs instantly on your iPhone or iPad

When creating for the iPhone and iPad, the best thing most designers have at their fingertips is a realistic mockup in Photoshop. Developers have the ability to quickly update their app and test it right on the device, but what about us designers?

Skala Preview, created by the awesome team at Bjango, is exactly what iOS designers have always needed. It works separately with a Mac app and an iOS app, syncing the two together. All you need to do is drag an image into the app, and it will instantly show up in full resolution (pixel perfect, colour perfect and uncompressed) on your iPhone or iPad. No more emailing images. No more relying on mockups alone.

Once the image is on your iOS device, you can use multiple gestures to view it at every scale. Two taps with one finger sets the image to 100%, two taps with two fingers sets it to 200%, and so on all the way up to ten.

Now, the only problem left is having to constantly export your images and drag them over manually. But if you’re working in Photoshop CS5, Skala Preview has made it so you never even have to leave the app. Just set up a remote connection, and then every single change you make to your design will update instantly. It’s iOS design as it was always meant to be.

From the creators:

Skala View is the companion app to Skala Preview for Mac — the fastest way to send pixel perfect, colour perfect design previews from your Mac to your iPhone or iPad.

Previewing your design in situ lets you test tap sizes, text sizes, colour, contrast and ergonomics, all at a time where changes can be easily made — during the design process. It closes the loop, meaning you can iterate faster to a better final design.

As you can tell, TNW is impressed. The app is simple and a complete joy to use. The few interface elements that are there are quite elegant, and I’ve had no connectivity issues so far. All you need to do is download the two apps via the links below and you’re on your way. If you have any questions, visit the getting started page.

➤  Skala Preview for iOS (free) and the Mac ($4.99)

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