The new TaskRabbit API could turn to-do list apps into outsourcing ones

The new TaskRabbit API could turn to-do list apps into outsourcing ones

Having a publicly available API instantly turns any service into a platform, allowing developers to utilize its functionality and data in their own projects. Whether this platform turns out to be a strong one is depending on how good the original service is. In TaskRabbit’s case, the service is really good and the announcement of its own API should spark ideas for said developers.

TaskRabbit allows you to outsource any number of tasks, including shopping for you, delivering things, and even putting furniture together.

The company has also announced three launch partners who have already integrated TaskRabbit into their app. While this might not sound exciting, the company pointed out a really killer use case for why an app would want to utilize the TaskRabbit data and community:

Imagine a world where you can log on to your favorite productivity or to-do list app, and with a click of a button, you could instantly outsource your to-dos to a fully-vetted and background-checked individual. Well, that’s now a reality with our API’s per user integration.

Astrid, the personal assistant app that helps people manage their to-dos, has integrated the TaskRabbit API into its Android, Web, and iPhone apps. Astrid has taken steps to ensure that users can manage the entire Task posting experience within the Astrid app, and the UX is very consistent with TaskRabbit’s. Astrid is the first to bring the TaskRabbit experience to the Android. Producteev, the task management app, has also integrated the TaskRabbit’s API into its Web app. As our friends at Producteev announced last month, they were the first to use our API to allow users to outsource any Task directly from Producteev to our community of TaskRabbits – in just one click.

How cool would it be to have something like “build ikea desks” on your to-do list and then automatically find people to do it for you on TaskRabbit? Well apparently, now you can.

Just this week we’ve seen some amazing integrations between sites and services thanks to a publicly available API and stream of data. For example, the Trapit and Pinterest integration is absolutely brilliant, and it’s only a matter of time before someone builds a killer app based off of Gilt Groupe deals.

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