ProCSSor is the perfect CSS formatter & compressor for Web designers

ProCSSor is the perfect CSS formatter & compressor for Web designers

When writing CSS, sometimes your formatting gets messy. You might have been in a rush, or maybe you’re just a bit sloppy. While it’s always better to stay clean from the start, a CSS formatter / beautifier / prettifier makes consistent and easy to read code available at the push of a button.

ProCSSor is a CSS formatter and compressor, meaning it makes your CSS prettier and can also shrink it down to reduce code size, making your web pages load faster. By merging the two tools together, you can minify and re-format your code instantly for quick edits.

There are tons of free equivalents available online like CSS CompressorCode Beautifier and CSS Beautify, but ProCSSor, which costs $6.99, is a seamless and effortless integration of the two. Plus, having an actual app makes it possible to save all of your formatting preferences, and it works while you’re traveling without WiFi.

From the creators:

Let’s face it – we’ve all come across badly written CSS with no style, mixed styles, or even machine generated CSS. Then, there’s our own lazy, late-night CSS which makes no sense in the morning. Now with ProCSSor you have no more excuses for confusing and ugly CSS! ProCSSor formats your CSS in an elegant and readable way.

Instead of pouring over an unformated CSS file, let ProCSSor turn it into a readable document. It automatically indents, spaces, and styles your CSS according to your specifications. ProCSSor also compresses your CSS for production and quickly lets you prettify when you’re ready to code, so you’ll never have to keep separate copies for development and production.

Still not sold on a $6.99 app when you can find similar tools online? ProCSSor supports CSS3 and vendor-specific CSS properties, features keyboard shortcuts for power users, has a built-in lean code editor and is outrageously easy to use. In a nutshell, it’s one of the best options available for anyone that needs to have a beautifier or a minifier at their fingertips.

➤  ProCSSor, via the App Store ($6.99)

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