Get your bitmap on with these 11 surprisingly good pixel typefaces

Get your bitmap on with these 11 surprisingly good pixel typefaces

Pixel fonts represent an interesting era of type design. They were born out of necessity when low-res displays were the only ones around, and have now become a highly niche style of retro nostalgia.

In that vintage spirit, I’d like to welcome you to this list of 11 surprisingly good pixelated typefaces. There were picked out for their visual interest, peculiarity and/or general out-dated awesomeness. Check them out and then let us know your favorites in the comments below!


Arcade looks like it came straight out of an ’80s game, and the author’s username (Pizzadude) reminds me of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

➤  Arcade (free)


This typeface is the perfect example of a bitmap font. It’s simple, legible and overtly retro.

➤  Visitor (free)


SuperScript is a fluid, script typeface build out of pixels.

➤  SuperScript

V5 Prophit Cell

V5 Prophit Cell has a techno feel to it, and is exclusively lowercase, with a grid structure like Arcade.

➤  V5 Prophit Cell (free)

Pixel Cowboy

This font comes with a free bucket of bullets! It feels so western.

➤  Pixel Cowboy (free)


Stgotic is a pixelated black letter typeface designed for low resolution screen devices. It truly blew my mind when I first saw it, as it’s hard to believe that the complexities of black letter type could be recreated in such a simple form.

➤  Stgotic ($10)


Technicality is particularly hard-edged, even in the world of pixel type. I really like the pitchfork-like capital “Y” and the expressive lowercase “f.”

➤  Technicality

Apple ][

This font is based on of the original Apple ][ font.

➤  Apple ][

Retro Rescue

The name Retro Rescue suits this font well, because of the way the diagonals trail off.

➤  Retro Rescue


Handy is a hand-drawn styled pixel font with real pixel ligatures? It’s certainly peculiar, but has a nice charm to it as well.

➤  Handy (free)


From the creator of Handy, Hellovetica is an attempt to convert much of Helvetica’s complexities into a small grid, while retaining its general form factor.

➤  Hellovetica (free)

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