Take the stress out of previewing your Web designs to clients with Mocku.ps

Take the stress out of previewing your Web designs to clients with Mocku.ps

The work designers go through to create the perfect site in Photoshop / Fireworks / Pixelmator is tough enough. If the entire process is a breeze for you, you probably aren’t doing your job. When the time comes to finally send your mockups back to your client, it can be nearly impossible for you to communicate how the end result will look online.

Sure, you can send over a JPG and instruct clients to open it in their browser. You can also send screenshots over, or you could even use a slick presentation tool like ZURB’s Influence. In the end though, many clients never understand the final result until they type in a link and see the site after the code is finished.

Mocku.ps is a new tool that simplifies the process of sharing mockups by allowing you to upload your background and foreground design into the same page. Within a few seconds, your mockup is ready to view in all of its glory and can be shared via a simple link.

You could just hard code this yourself, but you probably shouldn’t even be touching code until your design is finished. Mocku.ps is so lightweight and simple that it’s hard to find a flaw, kind of like ZURB’s Bounce App. What UI elements are present are extra sleek and minimalist, just as they should be.

Give the Web app a try, and then let us know what you think. It looks especially appealing for smaller projects and one-off freelance designs, since it works on a page-by-page basis.

➤  Mocku.ps

Thanks to Jason Ong for pointing this out!

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