This new typeface was made just for interface designers

This new typeface was made just for interface designers

Modern Pictograms is new typeface created for interface designers and programmers. It was designed to work on-screen at sizes down to 18 pixels, and is remarkably pixel-perfect and useful as a pictographic font.

Why a font file? Well, although it is unusual for the typical icon or pictograph pack to ship as a font, it’s actually a very reasonable way to keep track of an entire series of graphics. All you need to do is install the font for safe keeping, start typing and you’ll automatically have access to scalable icons straight from your system’s font library. You can also use the font on the web via a CSS @font-face class, thanks to Font Squirrel.

The font comes with an Open Font License, and is completely free for commercial and personal use (free as in speech and free as in beer), but donations are always welcome. The project was created by John Caserta, a Providence-based designer, artist and educator.

As far as the actual design quality goes, it is pretty much spectacular. There’s a soft, cartoonish touch to the otherwise standard style. Each “glyph” is highly legible at most sizes, and should blend in nicely to most projects. The set is so flexible because of the inherent generic nature of pictographic design.

The typeface contains most anything you’d need for the average design job, like traditional objects (printer, shopping cart, clock) to social media icons, iOS-looking devices and even UI navigation. Check out the site below to preview everything included at any size, and then get downloading!

➤  Modern Pictograms

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