Creative coding is coming to an iOS device near you, but can you wait?

Creative coding is coming to an iOS device near you, but can you wait?

Processing, an open source programming language and environment for people who want to create images, animations and interactions, will soon be released for iOS. In case you’re not familiar with Processing, it’s one of the easiest ways to get you hands dirty with code, while seeing visual results along the way. It’s a tool for learning, but is also capable of generating impressive professional work.

At the moment, Processing is only available for Mac, Windows, and GNU/Linux, but Michael Markert, a German media-artist, is determined to port it over to iOS. PR0C3551N6 is the name of his unofficial release, and in a short while it will be ready for anyone interested in editing and running Processing Sketches on the go.

It isn’t all rainbows and butterflies bringing this to iOS. Since Processing is built on Java, there are some compromises that had to be made. Namely, no 3D support or error-console, as the app is made possible through the slightly limited Processing.js (Processing designed for the Web), and will be rendered in Mobile Safari.

Still, the app looks promising and is in its final stages of completion. Right now it is currently in beta testing, and soon it will be on your tablet or phone for the first time ever. From the creator:

At this point, the app is running quite smooth, there are just a few quirks and things that could be improved. And I’m fighting with a couple of bugs and system restrictions (unfortunately most of them coming from Apple!). But there’s really not that much to do anymore… See for yourself (Screenshots below!)

➤  Click here to get started with Processing right now, and keep your eyes peeled for the PR0C3551N6 app launch, coming very soon.

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