This WordPress theme is a slick way to turn your blog into Facebook’s Timeline

This WordPress theme is a slick way to turn your blog into Facebook’s Timeline

If you’ve fallen in love with Facebook’s forthcoming Timeline then you’re likely going to flip over this, too. Timeline WP is a WordPress theme that takes your WordPress blog and turns it into a knockoff of Facebook’s Timeline while still keeping everything readily accessible.

Staying true to the methods used by Facebook, there’s a banner on the rigth side that will take you to each section, broken down by month. The oversized header image gives you buttons for your social connections and it allows you to showcase posts, as well.

What’s interesting about Timeline WP is that the Timeline interface carries over into single-post mode, but manages to do so in a way that still stays clean and true to the format:

Timeline WP has one more trick up its sleeve, as well, and that comes in the form of lightboxed photos. Instead of taking you to an attachment page or the photo itself, Timeline WP pops up a lightbox display, complete with navigation:

Timeline WP is a beautifully designed, easy-to-manage theme. Of course, as it is with Facebook, the more video and photo content that you add, the better that it will look. At any rate, it’s free so you should definitely give it a download if it suits your fancy.

Looking for something a bit more customizable? Make sure to check out our review of Standard Theme, and its photo-focused sibling, Pro Photo Theme.


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