Dribbble launches job listing section as a part of its Backboard

Dribbble launches job listing section as a part of its Backboard

Popular design community and sharing site Dribbble is adding a new Jobs section to its promotional section called Backboard today, where companies looking to hire designers can post jobs that are available.

Dribbble describes its unique approach to a job board:

True to our minimalist style, job ads represent the simplest thing that (we hope) could possibly work: A list of links to jobs. Wicked simple to post an ad, scan openings, and click to learn more. Job ads also run in the upper right corner of many prominent pages on the site, further exposing employers to the thousands of designers who spend time on the site every day.

  • Deep talent pool – Thousands of talented designers hang out at Dribbble every day.
  • Great exposure – Job ads appear on this page and on many popular pages in a rotation of current jobs (upper right).
  • Wicked simple – A job ad at Dribbble links to your existing job page. Just enter a few text fields, preview & pay to get a job ad up and running.

The board has a simple listing of the companies hiring, along with the position that they’re hiring for. When you click on a listing, you’re taken right to that companies’ job listing, rather than to another Dribbble page that you then have to click through again, very streamlined.

Companies looking to post jobs on Dribbble can ‘Pin’ a job to the board at the rate of $199 for 30 days. This seems like a pretty cool and obvious offering as Dribbble is uniquely positioned to get exposure for those jobs out to some of the best designers on the web. Dribbble recently also added a Hire Me button to users panels and the ability to add specific Skills to their profiles. It plans to add more promotional offerings on the Backboard section as a part of its plan to keep Dribbble sustainable through income.

You can check out the new Jobs section here.

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