Edit your website ‘Minority Report style’, directly on the page with SiteCake

Edit your website ‘Minority Report style’, directly on the page with SiteCake

Sometimes you just want to edit your website with minimal fuss. Who wants to navigate a complex content management system when you just want to add some images or a video, or just change some text?

SiteCake is a brilliant tool for editing websites without touching the back-end at all. You simply type directly onto the page, dragging and dropping new elements as you need them.

As the video here shows, it’s really easy to throw together new elements for a page and publish them for the world to see with minimum fuss. Images, slideshows, videos, maps, files and even raw HTML can all be inserted from the easy-to-use interface. In fact, the developers describe it as ‘Minority Report’-style editing, it’s that effortless.

Installation requires you to upload some files to the folder your website is hosted from and add a snippet of code to each page you want to use it with. So far, SiteCake has been built as a stand alone installable product, but the team’s next step is to build a WordPress plugin, followed by a version which can be used to edit Facebook Pages.

The full-featured version is priced at $49 for a single site license, with a cut-down version for editing text and and adding/removing images available for free.

Requiring self-installation, this isn’t a tool for everyone. However, if you’re keen to give it a go, you can find out more at SiteCake.com.

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