Personyze offers insanely targeted personalization with Rapleaf integration

Personyze offers insanely targeted personalization with Rapleaf integration

Personyze, the company we covered a while back that gives you ultimate control in customizing your website for specific demographics, has announced a partnership with Rapleaf, a company that aggregates public information and personal interests to give site owners more effective demographic targeting tools.

Personyze gives users access to many metrics, such as geolocation, keywords of interest, links clicked and linked Facebook profile data, but Rapleaf integration fills in more specific personal demographics such as gender, age and location.

“The Rapleaf integration fills in missing visitor demographics our customers need to more precisely target ads and emails,” says Danny Hen of Personyze.

Sites using Personyze can place content and ads that are more likely to appeal to users in more prominent locations, and such demographics are important to accurately targeting demographics. Other new demographics include interests, income and marital status, all of which are gold mines for personalization.

One of the big concerns with personalization services is privacy. Consumers want to know that companies will only track their activity when given permission; Google’s web history tracking is opt-in, for example.

While sites using these platforms don’t see private information, it’ll be interesting to see the consumer reaction to the increasing trend in hardcore personalization that really transforms the frontpage (and most of a site) depending on who is reading it.

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