Prevue allows concept sharing between designers and clients

Prevue allows concept sharing between designers and clients

Concept sharing between designers and clients is a big part of web design, but often the processes for sharing — such as sending a bunch of attachments in an email — are just too clunky. That’s where Prevue comes in. It’s sort of like a less public Dribble or Forrst that’s aimed at helping you share your portfolio and project concepts with your clients.

Prevue is invite-only, but fortunately developer Pete Usborne has provided The Next Web readers with a sign-up link:


Prevue organizes your uploads into projects, which are sort of like folders. You can run a full-screen slideshow of all the items in a project to make presenting mockups easy during in-person client meetings.

When uploading images — on which, unlike Dribbble, there are no dimension constraints — Prevue gives you options to make web design concepts look more natural in place. These include the ability to set margins and background colors — including a Smart Crop feature that takes a look at your uploaded image to figure out those settings for you.

Sharing links are provided per project. According to the Prevue homepage, you can decide whether to make a project public or protect it with a password, but I wasn’t able to find the feature for enabling password protection. The service is quite new so I’m sure it’ll be implemented soon, or just needs to be made more accessible.

Each project has a feedback mechanism that allows discussion about future revisions to take place on the project page. This can be enabled or disabled on a project-by-project basis. Additionally, its possible to annotate uploads, which should prove very useful during feedback cycles.

It’s definitely worth checking Prevue out if you’re a designer. Head over using our invite link to get an account now.

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