Typeplace creates a location game out of typography

Typeplace creates a location game out of typography

Typeplace is a new iPhone application that has users uploading photographs of interesting typography from their phone as they go about their lives.

Typeplace isn’t just a photo app for typography nerds — it’s part social network and part game. Once you create an account you can ‘friend’ people you know. Users can compete with their friends as they upload more images, earning rewards such as badges and certificates and scaling the monthly leaderboards.

Uploads are geo-tagged, and Typeplace shows you a map of submissions around you so that you can check out these interesting finds in person. You might have to be a serious typophile to go on a signage tour, but it’s an interesting use of location awareness nonetheless.

Typeplace is $0.99 in the App Store. The developers behind Typeplace don’t have any fans to expand to Android or other mobile platforms, so this one’s for iOS users only right now.

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