Cloud IDE lets you develop in the cloud

Cloud IDE lets you develop in the cloud

Cloud IDE is a web app that brings your development workstation to the cloud and allows you to work on your projects from anywhere.

The app is currently in private beta, though I found my acceptance was almost instantaneous and the IDE domain was set up in minutes. Your mileage may vary.

Developers are prone to sticking with one computer that they’ve set up to program on. Development environments are usually very personal and highly customized things, and moving a project around from computer to computer can get messy. Cloud IDE is about taking that development environment to the web so that you can access your projects from any computer, anywhere, and work collaboratively with other programmers in the process.

Cloud IDE provides color coding and autocompletion for a variety of languages, and features activity streams, wikis and forums for social coding. The app provides developers with Git support for source code management and multiple deployment options, including via Git push.

Definitely worth a look for those of you looking to move your coding efforts to the cloud along with the rest of your digital life!

Thanks to Vasile Surdu for the tip!

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