Bookmarklet turns the web into anaglyph 3D images

Bookmarklet turns the web into anaglyph 3D images

Designer Mark Beasley has developed a bookmarklet called 333DDD that converts any page you’re viewing into a red/cyan anaglyph. Anaglyphs are stereoscopic 3D images, and you’ll need a set of red/cyan 3D glasses to view the images properly.

You can find the bookmarklet on Beasley’s blog. Drag it to your bookmark bar, click it while on any web page and the result is instant.

While this is a fun gimmick, it does make you wonder about the future of 3D on the web. Now that 3D TVs are common and quite affordable, will we see computer monitors and media that take advantage of more advanced 3D technology like LCD shutter glasses?

Perhaps we’ll have to wait and see how well 3D TVs do once the novelty wears off before the computer industry gives it a thought. I bought one in October and still haven’t opened the box the shutter glasses are in, but I may be the wrong target market — I bought the 3D TV because it came with a bundled Xbox 360 and Kinect for the kids!

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