Mashery releases discovery hub, API monitoring, app directory

Mashery releases discovery hub, API monitoring, app directory

San Francisco company Mashery, an API management service, today announced a set of new features for developers using the service.

The company announced a discovery hub to help developers find new ways to connect their apps to the rest of the web, an API monitor that provides users with reports on API health and issues, an application directory to showcase what developers have done with the service’s APIs and tools for working with OAuth in JavaScript and .NET.

Many of the web’s big names use Mashery to manage their APIs and the communities surrounding them, including Etsy, Klout, Netflix and Best Buy.

“As APIs begin entering mainstream growth, they are no longer exclusively the domain of top tech talent magnets such as Google, Facebook and Twitter,” said Delyn Simons, the company’s director of developer relations. “Our developer-driven growth is a signal of up and coming mainstream API activity. Plus, overall growth of API activity and app downloads reveals increasing developer demand for new APIs and useful tools to help them build better apps.”

Earlier today, Google released their API Explorer, which shares the same goals as Mashery’s new discovery hub. Web services are expected to provide integration with other popular services more and more every day in order to remain competitive.

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