TNW’s Daily Dose – 24 hours of tech news in 5 minutes [Audio]

TNW’s Daily Dose – 24 hours of tech news in 5 minutes [Audio]

Apple is the world’s leading manufacturer of Smartphones, but not for long if Samsung has any say in the matter. Other rumors say that Apple is considering a purchase of Barnes & Noble. Say goodbye to the Nook? Google’s Eric Schmidt is finally going to sit down to testify in antitrust hearings. Twitter has added a couple of new features – a NSFW flag comes to the API and ads will come to the top of your Twitter stream.

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TNWDailyDose 29-07-2011 by TNW Daily Dose

Apple is the world’s top smartphone vendor as Nokia sinks to third place

Apple considering buying Barnes & Noble, iTunes 11 to support reading iBooks?

Eric Schmidt’s testimony in Senate antitrust hearing set for Sept. 21

Twitter adds an NSFW flag for sensitive Tweets

Twitter begins placing Promoted Tweets at the top of your timeline

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