TNW’s Daily Dose – 24 hours of tech news in 5 minutes [Audio]

TNW’s Daily Dose – 24 hours of tech news in 5 minutes [Audio]

Let me guess. Flash sucks on your mac since you got OS X Lion yesterday. Sound about right? Adobe thinks it knows why. Anonymous is claiming to have hacked NATO, offering up some secret documents as proof of its cache. Nokia’s sinking ship keeps getting bigger holes, while the iPhone outsells Nokia’s entire smartphone line last quarter.

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TNWDailyDose 21-07-2011 by TNW Daily Dose

Adobe explains why Flash runs so poorly on OS X Lion

Anonymous claims to have hacked NATO, releases supposedly confidential documents

Nokia: Profits down 41%25 year on year. Smartphone sales down 32%25, all mobiles down 20%25

Official: Apple sold more iPhones than Nokia’s entire range of smartphones in Q2

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