Visual effects expert sells the hell out of old Suzuki

Visual effects expert sells the hell out of old Suzuki

Earlier this month, one Eugene Romanovsky posted a YouTube video showing off his 20-year-old Suzuki Vitara. Watch it and be amazed by the capabilities of a 96-horsepower engine:

I hope that altered Jurassic Park footage falls under fair use.

Of course the top comment is that the commercial must cost more than the car. I checked Kelley Blue Book, the accepted pricing guide for used cars. I used the “Buying this car” option, and put in everything I knew about the car from the commercial, including the power windows. According to the results, a black ’96 Suzuki Sidekick (as it’s known here in the US) sold by a private party in “very good condition” (at least in my zip code) is worth approximately $2,408.

Granted, that may not be the car’s actual value, but it was the closest I could get based on the data available.

There’s little info on Eugene’s YouTube channel, but I found his Facebook profile. He appears to work as a visual effects supervisor at Gravity, a Tel Aviv-based animation studio. So this is the work of a professional.

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