Logo Pizza is delivering piping hot logos, but not for long


A logo can make or break your company. We went through our own logo change not very long ago, and I’m sure it has had a positive impact on our brand in the end.

But what do you do if you don’t have a great designer on your team and don’t know your way around Illustrator?

Logo Pizza is here to save the day! The project, initiated by design agency Metafizzy, is comprised of 50 finished logos that are all for sale. If you see one you like, buying the exclusive usage rights is one click away.


However, there’s a twist. For every logo that’s sold, the set price for all others goes up by $20. Right now all logos cost $600, which is a fair price — but if you wait long enough, you’ll end up paying a whole lot more.

All of the logos look great, and there’s a big variety to choose from. Don’t like any of the designs on the site? If you send an email to the creator he’s going to help you out — now that’s service.


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