Google Web Fonts have been seen more than 7 trillion times

Google Web Fonts have been seen more than 7 trillion times
Credit: Google Design

Google’s Web Font library is an impressive collection of free fonts that anyone can use on their websites to help avoid the horror that are included system fonts.

The company has a tiny analytics page hidden on the site that provides some interesting statistics about the Web font usage, including a live counter that says the fonts have been viewed more than seven trillion times since it was launched.

That number, written out, is 7,651,092,547,048 which is a staggering statistic to think about.

According to the site, Open Sans is the most popular font by a huge margin, being viewed more than 1.8 trillion times, followed by Roboto at 1 trillion and Oswald at 367 billion. You’re able to sort it by week or month to see how fonts are trending over time.

Open Sans
Open Sans

Google Fonts analytics also say that Chrome is overwhelmingly used to view Web fonts, with more than 61 percent of viewers using the browser, followed by Safari at 11 percent.

For operating systems, Windows is most popular at 34.4 percent and Linux, surprisingly, comes in at 34.2 percent (though that number may include Android, which is Linux-based).

That’s an impressive number of font views, and a good one for Google’s ad business, given that it likely uses the font load as a way to figure out who you are as you travel around the Web.

Google Fonts Analytics

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