Palette lets you edit your photos with physical knobs and sliders

Palette lets you edit your photos with physical knobs and sliders

Palette has launched a new photo editing controller, designed to enhance photographers’ editing workflow by substituting the precision of physical buttons and dials for common onscreen interfaces.

The device — two years in the making and derived from a Kickstarter project — is a modular system that features snap-together, magnetically connected sliders, dials and buttons that enable a faster and more precise and tactile editing job via physical touch.

The idea is that hand-coordinated controls provide a more engaging experience, complete with the ability to customize the layout, function and color of the modules so they better fit with an individual artist’s workflow and chosen software package.

The photography product is the first step for the company, which is also working on creating similar facility for video editors and musicians. The hardware team is also conceptualizing additional modules, such as motorized sliders and trackballs.

In the future, Palette will release developer tools offering access to the hardware and the ability to create new plug-ins for a variety of uses.

Palette is currently designed to integrate with Adobe Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC, Illustrator, and After Effects, and is in beta for InDesign and Premiere Pro as well as other apps.


Palette says it will continue its collaboration and integration with software partners and plans to launch a community where others can share their own Palette layouts and other tips.



Palette is available for pre-order today starting at $199. There are three kit sizes targeted to starters, experts and professionals, and Palette will offer individual add-on modules to further customize the product. The item ships in November.

➤ Palette Launches to Shake Up Your Photo Editing with Modular Controls [PetaPixel]

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