xxArray full body scanner will turn you into a playable video game avatar

xxArray full body scanner will turn you into a playable video game avatar

Fact: The selfie generation can’t resist photo booths. It’s even more fun when our simple photos get turned into an interactive experience, like Fiverr’s custom portraits or the strange dancing characters from the MyIdol app craze last week.

But before all that there was xxArray’s massive photo booth which employs several dozen Nikon DSLRs to turn you into a playable video game character. We got to experience this first-hand at CES 2014, and now, the xxArray team wants to bring this scanning technology to you.

In the company’s new Kickstarter campaign, the team aims to stuff 90 Nikon D5200 and D5300 cameras (along with other studio scanning gear) into a tour bus. The plan is to hit up to 14 major cities across the North America, offering customized, movable avatars at each stop.

The Nikon DSLRs are programmed to fire all at once to capture every angle of your body. The team can then stitch these images together on a 3D model, adjusting for proper height and weight. You then receive a 3D Control Panel to manipulate your digital avatar.

avatar run

Of course, it can be more than just a video game character – designers can also use this model as a base for 3D printing, film animation and medical prosthetic modeling. Creator and developer add-ons for APIs and 3D printing files are also available.

If you want in on the action, xxArray is currently pledging for $100,000 by May 27. A pledge of $99 can get you a digital scan in your nearest city – but you can also vote to get the team to stop in locations not current listed.

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