Elliptic Labs unleashes faster touchless gesturing for mobile devices

Elliptic Labs unleashes faster touchless gesturing for mobile devices

Elliptic Labs, which specializes in ultrasonic touchless gesturing for consumer electronics, has announced what it calls “Ultra-fast Ultra-far Interaction” — meaning super fast speed coupled with a larger field of response for its touchless gesture technology.

Ultrasound signals sent through the air from integrated smartphone and tablet speakers bounce against your hand and are recorded by the microphones integrated in the devices. Elliptic Labs’ technology thus recognizes hand gestures and uses them to move objects on the screen.

These latest advances, now being demoed at Mobile World Congress (Hall 6- 6H20) Innovation Norway Pavilion, build on the company’s recently launched Multi-Layer Interaction functionality. Vendors can take advantage of these advances via the Elliptic Labs SDK and PDK (product development kit).


These developments make the company’s ultrasonic gesture technology much faster, allowing devices to respond in a fraction of a second after a gesture command.

In addition to enhanced speed and accuracy, the technology now works further away from the screen, at up to seven feet (two meters) and 180 degrees around the screen, making it useful for mobile devices, automotive purposes and appliances.


One example of how such technology might appeal to consumers is in taking pictures and snapping selfies where photos can be taken with a quick gesture several feet away from the subject. The technology also gives users a more flexible way to record videos without the need to touch the phone for starting and stopping. Gaming on mobile devices also can be more accurate, immediate and fun.

The technology gives users immediate feedback on how phones, wearables and other devices respond to gestures.

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