Shocase launches new social network targeted to marketing pros

Shocase launches new social network targeted to marketing pros

There are plenty of social networking platforms out there, but few are targeted directly to the worldwide crew of marketing professionals. That’s about to change with today’s launch of Shocase.

Designed to pack the best aspects of LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest into a marketing-oriented punch, Shocase provides pros a platform for their work, with photos and videos as well as other content formats to best showcase their creativity.

“There are 100 million-plus marketing professionals across the globe, yet, until now, there hasn’t been a dedicated social network to let this massive group get noticed, stay informed and build business,” Ron Young, Shocase founder and CEO told TNW.

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This professional network is designed to help individuals and teams get their best work noticed, to enable sharing of work samples with potential clients and employers and to stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends. You can also use the network to create a portfolio and resume, gather chosen content into collections, apply for jobs, follow particular topics and people and engage in professional discussions.

The site lets you to spotlight work done by individual members of the team and to highlight the best work in different areas of expertise, such as advertising, branding, promotion, strategy, public relations and more.

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“Anyone can post their work. If something is inappropriate, it will be removed, but we don’t evaluate talent. Inviting team members to join a project and having them credited legitimizes and validates the work’s origins and value,” Young said.

Shocase has a streamlined, designer oriented interface that seems to have the right amount of flash-to-open space ratio, suitable for letting members’ work speak for them. The template lets you post in different formats such as PDF, JPEG or Vimeo, or embed project files. You can edit, add or delete entries at will.

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Already Shocase has the participation of top players in the industry, including Ogilvy, Disney, PayPal, BBDO, Wieden Kennedy, Farmers Insurance and others.

A news feed covers the entire spectrum of interests, but you can subscribe to targeted individual feeds, as well. In addition to visuals, users can also post public comments to the news feed and on individual project pages.


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