Lenka monochrome camera app upgrade adds controls to a lean interface

Lenka monochrome camera app upgrade adds controls to a lean interface

Lenka, the dedicated monochrome camera app for iPhone was updated today for iOS 8 and now includes additional shooting and editing controls.

Developed by photographer Kevin Abosch, Lenka is designed for shooters of all levels, while delivering a singular aesthetic to its exclusively black and white output. The new 1.1 version is optimized for iOS 8.1 and designed to be used with the new, larger iPhones as well as the smaller iPhone 5 series. An Android version is due out in two weeks.

Launching the updated Lenka reveals a number of new features that give the app greater flexibility. There’s now a choice of whether to use automatic or manual focus, the latter of which is only available with iOS 8. The new version also lets you adjust contrast manually with a control slider. A third slider lets you control a subtle cooler or warmer temperature tint. You can also now shoot your photo with the volume control buttons as well as the large shutter button.


Onscreen preview functions and switching the aspect ration from full frame to square format remain the same as the previous version. And like the first version, Lenka does not allow flash photography or the use of the front facing camera — both for creative and aesthetic reasons.

And, as before, Lenka’s exposure is automatic and designed to be “smart” because it dynamically responds to changes in light. However the Lamp button on the upper left corner lets you manually enable a constant light source for fill light or for extreme low-light situations.

Overall, the new additions offer flexibility for the shooting experience without making the app more complex.

Lenka is $2.99 in the App Store, and the upgrade is free for all previous owners.

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