Cryptocurrency News March 14 – what if 100% brain?

Cryptocurrency News March 14 – what if 100% brain?

It’s not a great day out there in the cryptos. Bitcoin nearly hitting $8k, Ethereum down to $616, and Stellar barely worth 25 cents. What a world!

The end of the line

So this guy thinks that Bitcoin is about to burst and it has no value, which would suck I guess. What’s funnier is that CNBC REALLY loves to get these people on that have one of two opinions – Bitcoin will be worth 7 billion dollars or zero dollars. I don’t really know how they get away with this weird emotional tug-of-war but I’m absolutely there for it.

Google bads

CNBC also blamed the Bitcoin crash on Google banning cryptocurrency ads. What confuses me here is why anyone would conflate these two things – did people advertise…Bitcoin? I don’t even get why Google is doing this and not banning the hundreds of really, really crappy investment ads you get where it’s some guy with a giant bald spot saying “I CAN TURN $4 INTO A TRILLION DOLLARS WITH THIS ONE TIP.” Ah, who cares about standards.

Yes my wet brother

Copy-pasted water titans the Winklevoss Twins said that there should be a “Virtual Commodity Association,” as in a self-regulatory market for cryptocurrency, run by the people who stand only to profit from cryptocurrencies doing well or doing what they want it to.

Crusader of Bitcoin

Save Bitcoin from Bitcoin

Very carefully

Bitcoin and your family. from Bitcoin

Meanwhile, people are having a very normal, not racist reaction to the price going down.

What is today’s Crypto scare? Just went on my phone and saw that we had a 10% drop again. Let me guess… Some little Third World country said that they did not want to use crypto currency, or maybe the Chinese decided they were going extend their lunar holiday, maybe Bitcoin didn’t eat her wheaties from Bitcoin

Actually, it’s good Bitcoin is lower.

Subdued Market is a Welcome Opportunity from Bitcoin

John McAfee update: who’s a good boy

I can absolutely imagine John McAfee going all John Wick on someone.


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