Three keys to landing bigger clients around the globe

Three keys to landing bigger clients around the globe

In today’s world of global commerce, large corporations are within reach to almost any company. Though Fortune 500 sized companies may often seem hard to close deals with, the keys to getting in the door focus around a strong outreach strategy.

For marketing agencies and software startups alike, landing a big client can make a recording breaking quarter. The hard part is landing these bigger clients.

While they often seem out of reach, creating unique approaches is what will set your company apart. For Ittiz, a boutique digital marketing agency, landing bigger clients often means thinking outside the box. In their recent red envelope campaign, Sean Davis, CEO of ITTIZ, and Mike Michelini, CEO of Global from Asia, crafted the implementation of sending Chinese traditional red envelopes containing real US banknotes with removable stickers featuring the faces of Chinese emperors to 500 of the biggest companies in China including Lenovo, ZTE, Huawei, Haier, Oppo and more.

The response was mixed, as Enzo Wang, CEO of Jinzhouheng Electronics said he, “Received the envelope and instantly thought that this will probably offend some people overseas, however we mainly see the comedic aspect of it.”

With that said, it did create a lot of buzz across the media and helped them gain the attention of some new clients.

If you’re looking to land bigger clients for your company, follow the three strategies below:

Be Bold

When reaching out to a new client, chances are there are several other companies approaching this client with the same services. That is why you need to be bold. Think about what makes your services different and take it a step further by applying those benefits to your consumer.

During the outreach phase, too many companies focus on themselves and don’t actually dive into the benefits that a company receives when working with you. Center your outreach around actionable items that will benefit your potential client.

Be Creative

If you can land a big client through a inbound marketing effort, more power to you. Most large companies won’t make outbound requests though, as they are already getting a number of pitches to solve their current problems.

If you want to spark some inbound efforts, you should be creative with a out of the box campaign. That is what Ittiz implemented when sending American dollar bills with removable stickers featuring the faces of Chinese emperors to 500 of the biggest companies in China.

This creating buzz within their ecosystem and lead to a few inbound requests from larger clients that are now interested in working with them.

Be Personal

Even at scale when conducting outreach, you need to be personal. This approach will be long term relationships and create a stronger chance of landing that client. Though it may take time to personalize each one of your messages, it will be worth it in the long run.

At my startup Sourcify, we use tools like Mailshake to automate and personalize the outreach process. Though setting up these campaigns and finding the right people to connect with can take some time, it has lead to deals with some incredible clients.

As a company, you should always be looking to land bigger clients. Though the sales cycle may be longer, by starting a conversation early with a unique approach, you’ll be more likely to close that sale over time.

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