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September 30 & October 1, 2021 • Online • TNW Conference

Match today's vision with tomorrow’s needs

Match today's vision with tomorrow’s needs

Hydrogen fuel is being developed, self-driving vehicle manufacturers are popping up left and right, and EVs, e-bikes, and other modes of sustainable transportation are on the rise. The future of mobility is changing more rapidly than ever, and only through collaboration and innovation can we meet its demands.

So can the mobility industry rise to the challenge? What strategic and technological solutions are required from cities, OEM manufacturers, and tech developers to match tomorrow’s vision with today’s needs? Uncover the latest developments in next-gen mobility at TNW Conference: Shift.

This conference is a platform for you to discover the future of the mobility industry, exchange ideas with sustainability influencers, build partnerships, and validate concepts - in super-charged TNW-style of course.

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Shift is the opportunity to position your company or city as a leading innovator and disrupter of sustainable mobility. Partner with Shift at TNW Conference to take a leadership role in front of the mobility service providers, policymakers, manufacturers, and technologists in the audience.