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House of Talent

June 18th, NDSM (ViacomCBS building). 800 digital minds + talent hungry leading digital companies = a match

Meet leading digital companies

Find your next challenge in digital

The House of Talent is TNW's answer to boring and ineffective job hunting. It's personal, it's fast, it's curated, and it's fun.

Last year we piloted the House of Talent with success. Over 2000 appointments were made between talents and leading digital companies. This year we're coming back with an improved version. Optimised to match talent with employers.

If you want to work in digital or find a new endeavour in the space, the House of Talent is for you.

Show yourself from your best angle. Sign up for the House of Talent (free), find 2 people who can vouch for you, and meet your future colleagues at the House of Talent!

What are you waiting for?

Get hired

"Thank you! I met PwC at House of Talent which led to getting a job at their Experience Center as Head of Strategy and moving from Colorado to the Netherlands with my family."

- A happy House of Talent attendee

A recipe for success

The numbers

  • 600m2
    of space
  • 800
    Vetted candidates
  • 25+
    top employers
  • 2500+
    face-to-face meetings
  • 10
    talks on personal growth
  • 2784
    Caffeinated drinks

Are you hiring?

Apply as a talent partner

Hiring new talent is just part of the solution we offer to our partners. The House of Talent is part of our wider Supporter of Talent offering that is focussed on hiring, retaining and training your talent.

Connect with the right people

Find your future team

At the House of Talent during TNW2020, we give the best employers in The Netherlands the opportunity to meet and hire their next digital talent.

Find promising future employees through 1-1 meetings. This is a chance for brands and candidates to come together to see if there's a good fit and to share their aspirations of a digital future.

To ensure the best fit for both company and talent, we’ll be screening partner applications on mission, culture, process, and type of open vacancies.

Hire your next digital talent at the House of Talent during TNW2020.

Learn more about how your company can join the House of Talent.

Our talent ecosystem

We've partnered with dozens of organisations and continue to do so to bring a full ecosystem together. Companies, Universities and Communities, check for more info the Supporter of Talent program.

  • Companies

    From fast growing startups to leading brands. Companies that care about their current and future talent are partnering up via our Supporter of Talent network.

  • Universities

    We work with Universities and (business) schools to educate their students and to make sure their graduates get a good overview of their career possibilities in the digital scene.

  • Communities

    We’ve partnered with a dozen student driven tech communities that get access to our programs throughout the year.

  • Individual Talents

    Obviously we help individual talents, by connecting them with future employers through the House of Talent and by giving access to our educational program throughout the year.

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