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Our coverage on all things Microsoft. Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, Microsoft is one of the world’s leading software and hardware companies. As of today, Microsoft distributes, licenses and supports a wide range of products related to consumer electronics and personal computers among which Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, as well as the video game console series Xbox.

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  • Microsoft’s camera-based AI app solves your math problems

    Microsoft has made several quirky and useful apps that can help you with daily problems and its new app seeks to help you with math. Microsoft Math Solver -- available on both iOS and Android -- can solve various math problems including quadratic equations, calculus, and statistics. ...

  • Microsoft rolled out its Chromium-based Edge browser

    Update (16/01/2020): The new browser is now available for download from here. If you're a Windows 10 user, you can continue using the old Edge browser, and wait for a system update. Microsoft is set to begin rolling out its new Chromium engine-based Edge browser to Windows 10 ...

  • RIP Windows 7: Microsoft ends support today

    Pack up your things, Windows 7 users. It's time to move on, as Microsoft today ends support of the venerable OS. So to the millions of people still running the OS: now's really, truly the time to upgrade. According to Microsoft's end-of-support article for the OS, your Windows ...

  • Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella criticizes India’s discriminatory CAA law

    Update (14-01-2020 11:10 am IST): BuzzFeed News reporter Pranav Dixit noted in a tweet that Microsoft has published a watered-down statement detailing Nadella's stance on India's CAA legislation, after the outlet published its piece with the CEO's quote to editor-in-chief Ben Smith. ...

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