GoodCheapWineList: A site for Ontario-based wine enthusiasts

GoodCheapWineList: A site for Ontario-based wine enthusiasts

Taking a trip to your local LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) to grab a bottle of wine can be a time-consuming task without a plan. And whether you’re a connoisseur or not, the amount of brands and types available at LCBO, can be somewhat of an overwhelming experience.

GoodCheapWineList brings Ontario-based wine enthusiasts a solution for finding a decent bottle of vino without paying top dollar.

If you’re serious about vino, you’re likely already aware of wine recommendation apps and sites such as Hello Vino. While these types of apps are great for discovering new brands, sadly they’re not always available in your area.

GoodCheapWineList focuses on Ontario, solely providing reviews for brands available through Ontario’s go-to place for vino, the LCBO.  The site, accessed through a standard or mobile web browser features wine in various categories including sparkling, fortified, red and white.


Each wine within the site’s collection is accompanied with a review, vintage, rating and a product code which directly links to LCBO’s site. This is a nice feature to have because it enables users to check the stock levels at each store, saving time. We liked the fact that aside from providing their own take on taste, reviews are often coupled with links to additional reviews from other wine stewards. We do hope it will consider adding direct links to all reviews instead of just posting the name of the reviewer.

Unfortunately, the ability to build your wine selection around a meal isn’t currently an option, although we’d bet a food-wine pairing feature would be a welcome addition for hardcore wine lovers. We should also note that it’s only a few weeks old so there’s a limited number of reviews at this time.

The founder, Jonathan Zugec, told us that he developed the site as a side project and hopes to expand the site beyond Ontario if all goes well. Zugec shared with us that his editor and wine expert Stanley Sulowski is adding new wines weekly.

Canadians living in Ontario should definitely bookmark this site for their next trip to the LCBO. You may find some new favourites –without paying more than $20 per bottle.

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