Canadian Writers Speak Out About Copyright [Video]

Canadian Writers Speak Out About Copyright [Video]

writers-deskWhen the CRTC attempted to implement usage based billing on the Internet a few weeks back, Canadians were outraged and spoke out loudly on the web. The impact of both social media campaigns like and a flood of blog posts opposing the decision, lead the government to cave and they agreed to overturn the unfavorable new legislation.

Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, even spoke to Canadians via Twitter announcing that he’d be reviewing the CRTC’s decision. It was a perfect example of the power of social media and its ability to bring change.

There’s another set of laws (Bill C-32) that are coming very soon, and for some Canadians it’s even more disturbing than paying higher fees for Internet use. It’s another battle that Canadians are fighting on the web.

The Writers’ Union of Canada are speaking out against the bill’s education exemption because aside from a series of problems with the new copyright laws (digital locks), it will also allow the free use of copyrighted materials for educational purposes.

The Writers’ Union of Canada’s new video highlights the fact that with Bill C-32, authors are being forced to subsidize their work to education.

On a side note, Bill C-32 also requires students and educational institutions to destroy course material after 30 days and as Peter Julian of the NDP points out, “students have to try to retain in their minds material that they have accessed as part of their educational requirement”.

This is retroactive book burning. This takes us back to the Middle Ages. – Peter Julian, member of parliament NDP.

Do you think this is fair to writers? Have a look at the video and let us know your thoughts, and if you require more information, check out

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